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Adults with Asperger’s and those who support them learn about Life in the Asperger Lane.

A young woman pulled me aside to talk in confidence.  I was conducting a Visual Strategies Workshop and we were taking a short break between sessions.  She told that as an adult she had recently received a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.

She wanted me to know that everything I was sharing about the learning style of students with ASD made so much sense to her now that she knew more about adults with Asperger’s.

This scenario did not happen just once.  I’ve had the privilege of talking with many adults with Asperger’s who have shared with me how receiving their Asperger’s diagnosis in adulthood affected their lives.  They usually express a sense of great relief.  Somehow, they had experienced some kind of behavior, social or personal challenges that began to make sense once they understood their Asperger’s diagnosis.

Dan Coulter is a talented author and speaker who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.  In spite of social and communication challenges, Dan learned to parlay his personal strengths in writing and speaking into a highly successful career in communications.  His career has included a variety of jobs from radio disk jockey to TV writer, producer & director.

After Dan’s son was diagnosed with Asperger’s, he transitioned his career to writing articles and producing videos to meet the needs of individuals with Asperger’s and those who support them.

Dan’s articles combine his great sense of humor with his deep understanding of the huge potential of individuals on the spectrum.  His new book, “Life in the Asperger Lane: Dan Coulter’s Collected Asperger Articles” will become a sought after resource.  Dan shares his wisdom and experiences along with insights from the variety of people he has interviewed in his ASD video producing career.

Life in the Asperger Lane is a thoughtful, practical source of positive support.  Dan Coulter’s ability to use his strengths to achieve professional success should be an encouragement to others who are touched by Asperger’s.

Click here to check out Life in the Asperger Lane: Dan Coulter’s Collected Asperger Articles

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