Autism Book – An Obsession with Justice

This autism book is a good read. It's a novel with an Aspie as the main character called An Obsession with Justice and I’m eager to share the details.

Dave Angel’s new mystery adventure features an autistic young man who gets entwined in trying to solve a murder that he discovers.

As Matt, the main character, discovers the crime and goes through the process of trying to unravel it, his Asperger’s strengths, challenges and obsessions become a major feature in the story.

Those who understand Asperger’s will smile at the reasoning and decision making that are central to Matt’s life.

This happened when Matt discovered a barber who happened to have a “Shaving Sensitive Hair Kit” that was developed for a relative who had Asperger’s.

Those who are less familiar with Asperger’s will learn about the details that affect Matt’s well-being.

For example, the barber shares, “. . .I’m going to count down from five, then switch on the blade. You’ll hear a strong buzzing sound. I’ll move the blade in a front to back motion across your head until all the hair is gone. If it gets too much, just raise your right hand.”

We learn that, “. . . Matt was grateful for the clear instructions, as clarity was always so important to him.”

And “. . . when he knew what to expect, life seemed a little easier.”

(Note: The book does contain a few adult type situations, so I don’t recommend it for students.)

An Obsession with Justice is a quick, easy read, full of lots of details that help the reader understand how Asperger’s works at the core of Matt's character and how he manages his life.

It will broaden your understanding of a “different way of thinking.”

Author, Dave Angel has been supporting parents through his ‘Parenting Asperger’s’ website for nearly 20 years.

Dave is very experienced in understanding the nature of Asperger's so he has included many details in the book that will help readers better understand the thinking processes of these individuals.

One more thing. . . . the author is from UK, so there are a few vocabulary words that are not commonly used in American English.

They were easy enough for me to figure out from the context of the story. The only one I needed to look up was "lorry." Now I know its what we would call a semi-truck.

An Obsession with Justice is an autism book to add to your list of reading for entertainment.

Get your copy of An Obsession with Justice here

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