Autism? Don’t leave everyone hanging. . .

Autism questions?  Don’t leave everyone hanging!!!

The beginning of the school year can easily get filled with confusion, especially surrounding those students with autism. New staff, new students, new parents, all need to figure out the new year and the new routines. In fact, there can be lots of changes throughout the school year.

Your students on the autism spectrum can experience the most difficulty. The adults working with them will try, with good intentions, to help. Sometimes good intentions work. Sometimes they accidentally set up patterns and routines that you’ll struggle with for what will seem like forever.

Spending a little time with some visual strategy in-service training NOW can go a long way to get everyone on the same page to start this school year, or to change your situation whatever time of year it is. Gain clear focus and direction for meeting the needs of your students with autism or related special learning needs.

Here’s an easy to use training tool.

The Visual Strategies Workshop

Visual Strategies Workshop

A perfect training tool for staff

Stock your in-service training library

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