Autism & Home Schooling ?

Have you entered the world of home schooling autism? Too many parents of children with autism have been suddenly thrust into the world of home schooling. Not planned. But the Coronavirus has changed a lot of things quickly, including the ability to attend school.

This current situation is different from regular life at home. The change is not just related to missing school.  What's tough is that all of the routines and activities of regular life have stopped or at least changed.  

Many of those things that you build into your life with your child to keep him busy and content have been altered.

For example,  you've been working forever to teach your child how to request to go to McDonald's for lunch. And now, he requests McDonald's and you can't take him. And the problem is he doesn't understand why you can't go. I'm sure you get it. It can be tough.

Watch this video!

You can do more than you think

This is a perfect time for parents to teach their child with autism at home. Linda Hodgdon has helpful tips for you.

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  1. One of the things my son had been working on was having a back and forth conversation. We have made some changes to the script, but have changed from handshakes and face to face to telephone etiquette. Each afternoon he thinks of a friend to call, and we look up their number, practice one or two times what to tell them and what to ask, and remember to listen to what they have to say, before well-wishing and saying goodbye before hanging up. We have cue cards, the same as he had in the classroom or hallway, which he has helped write in his own words. He’s picking it up pretty quickly, and it might actually be easier than face to face was. We should have tried this years ago!

    1. Wow! This is a beautiful example of “home schooling.” Thank you for sharing how you use visual strategies.

  2. I was wondering if your clients knew about the graphic novel DEBBIE FIGHTS CORONAVIRUS by Vincent Brusio?

    I learnt about DEBBIE on the Disability Scoop.

    Would be a good homeschool/visual resource of the type in Visual Strategies.

    It seems to communicate very readily through sensible facial and other non-verbal expressions about routine changes involved.

    1. Thank you for sharing. Parents can help their children with autism by giving them information in a visual form. The little book Debbie Fights Coronavirus is a great example of how parents created something visual to help their daughter.

    2. Adelaide Dupont – Thank you so much for your kind comments. We are blessed to have reached so many people with our little story. What started out so little exploded into a teaching resource that has spawned multiple continents. We’ve seen Debbie Fights Coronavirus reported in Vietnamese newspapers! Plus, the comic book has now been translated in Portuguese, Japanese, and Spanish. We’ve also created a free coloring book, activity book, and photo-book biography to accompany the original story. So thank you so much for being ahead of the curve on what’s making a dent in this Covid-19 crisis. God bless, and take care. ~Vince Brusio

      1. You have done a great job of figuring out what will be meaningful to others during this unusual time.

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