Confident in Your Autism Knowledge?

Do you have autism questions?
Are you confident in your autism knowledge?
Are you sure you know all the answers?
Or do you have days that make you wonder what you’re missing?

Here's an autism story that demonstrates an example of the autism mysteries that parents and teachers need to figure out.

When our son was younger, we kept stressing to his teachers that he was a Visual Learner. Sometimes at home I forget just how visual he is. 

He was obsessed with us having at least 2 jugs of milk in the refrigerator. Meltdowns would occur if we didn’t have at least 2 jugs. Cereal was his favorite breakfast food.

It took me years to figure out the problem. The milk came in a Yellow jug. It was difficult to see how much was left in the jug. If you have 2 jugs you know you have enough!!

Problem solved when we switched to clear plastic jug.
Rudina Durbin, autism Mom

Autism is full of mysteries
It's common to have autism questions. situations like the milk jug story to figure out. But we can't take years to discover what is under the surface.

That's why I wrote Autism Success Secrets.

Many educators, therapists and other school staff tell me they feel only partly prepared to provide the best support for their students with ASD.

I surveyed several thousand people who receive my emails and most of them responded that they needed more training.

Many referred to their own scattered training opportunities. And some received NO TRAINING AT ALL!

That’s reality
I also know that I have a lot of readers who are autism experts. You’ve been finding the autism answers for a long time. You’re the ones who spend a lot of time and energy helping everyone else understand and you may need help to do that.

Too many people don't know the basics
That means they don't understand things like the uneven learning profile or the concept of neurodiversity to help them figure out their student's needs.

There can be a lot of confusion about how these students learn, their ability to communicate, sensory needs and related skill areas that affect how each student participates in his or her life opportunities.

A lot of the information that teachers, parents and other support staff receive, especially in the beginning of their autism journey, is partial information sprinkled with myths and inaccuracies.

No wonder people easily feel confused or frightened. They aren't confident in how to manage the various learning and behavior situations that arise with these students.

I want to help you
And that’s why I wrote AUTISM SUCCESS SECRETS.

We’re focusing on children (of all ages), who are trying to exist in a world that doesn’t understand them very well, guided by caregivers who are desperately trying to find solutions for problems that are not easily defined.

That’s why so many people need to read Autism Success Secrets to get their autism questions answered.

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Everyone connected to autism can have autism questions. This is a great resource for some autism answers.

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