Autism: A simple Coronavirus explanation

Children with Autism need a simple Coronavirus explanation. They need to understand why so many things in their lives have changed.

Write a simple story with the students with autism.  Just write it down.  That will help them understand.

Here's an example:

Everyone gets sick sometimes.

The Coronavirus makes people sick.

It is caused by germs.                                       

Germs are very tiny.  We cannot see them.

Germs can make people feel sick.

When people get sick with the Coronavirus they usually feel bad.

They feel like they have a cold or the flu.

They might have a fever.

They might have problems with coughing or breathing.

Many people are getting sick from the Coronavirus.

We can catch the Coronavirus from other people.

Then we would get sick.

That's why we have to stay home.


Most students are more engaged when you add some pictures to your story. Draw them.  Find them online. It doesn't matter as long as the student understands.

Enjoy the project!


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