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If you’ve ever felt confused or unsure on your journey to discover the mysteries
of autism, then this is  for you.

It’s normal to have autism questions.
When you’re connected with students who live on the autism spectrum (ASD), you’re on a journey that can feel scattered with unexpected disruptions and detours.
Is Google your friend?
Well . . . when you become a friend of Google to search for autism solutions you can uncover a lot of what I call “Swiss Cheese” information out there. . . bits and pieces. . . filled with a lot of holes, and not enough details to help you know exactly what to do.
Swiss Cheese
Do you have Swiss Cheese Information?
Autism creates confusion.
Learning more about the spectrum of autism is a part of the discovery process. But there are secrets to uncover for autism success.
Here’s something really important to understand.
Whether you are fairly new to autism or you are a seasoned expert, answers to manage autism needs can frequently seem unclear.

This is the situation.
We’re focusing on meeting the needs of children (of all ages), who are trying to exist in a world that doesn’t understand them very well, guided by educators and families who are desperately trying to find solutions for problems that are not easily defined.

Good news. . . there are answers! 
As I consult with families and teachers, there are some core topics that come up over and over. Typically, autism is sprinkled with misunderstandings and uncertainty, so clarifying those core topics is an important step to achieve life balance which leads to autism success.
Linda Hodgdon
Linda Hodgdon CCC-SLP
Speech Pathologist
Autism Consultant

So . . .
who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Linda Hodgdon. As a Speech Pathologist and Autism Consultant, for more than 40 years I’ve traveled extensively around the world, consulting with parents and professionals who support students of all ages with ASD.

I’m well known for one of my favorite topics: How to use visual strategies to help students with autism gain communication success. My best-selling book, "Visual Strategies for Improving Communication," is considered a classic in the autism world.

The fact is that communication is more complex than most people think. It undergirds almost everything in the lives of students on the spectrum. But communication is only one essential for success.

Even with all my experience, I don’t know everything there is to know about autism. No one does.

But I’ve learned two important skills.  One is to be a good observer and the other is to be a good listener. Through those two abilities, I’ve discovered a valuable treasure chest packed with ways to understand the needs of children with autism and those people they connect with in their daily lives.

Those core autism topics emerge over and over.
Once educators and families really grasp this core knowledge, a lot of mysteries about autism begin to make more sense to them and the path to support those (of all ages) with ASD becomes more clear.
Let me tell it like it is. . .
I want you to know that there are consequences from not knowing effective ways to support those students on the spectrum. Behavior issues, social frustrations and communication breakdowns are common examples.
Yet, having a solid foundation in these core areas goes a long way toward establishing a strong base to build success.

I have no idea how many thousands of
 students, families and educators I’ve helped achieve
autism success by helping them uncover
secrets related to those core topics.

So I wrote the book!
I made it an eBook so I could get it to you quickly.

Writing “Autism Success Secrets” has been a bit of a “Covid Project.” When Covid emerged, everything changed so fast. Parents, teachers and therapists struggled and social media was packed with their frustrations.

Fear, irritation, exasperation, helplessness. . .
Suddenly I was doing a lot of consultation online instead of in-person.

Frankly, a lot of the frustrations people shared were related a little bit to Covid and a lot to autism. The questions and problems have been there all along, but they rose to a higher level as Covid took over.

I sent a survey to several thousand people who receive my online newsletter and asked them what topics they wanted me to address. They chose my “Autism Success Secrets.”

It's full of simple but critical secrets that will enhance life opportunities for your students with autism. . . 

Introducing "Autism Success Secrets"

  • Presents important topics in new ways   
  • Provides direction for common misunderstandings and delivers clarity for puzzling areas of uncertainty
  • Addresses essentials that frequently need to be explored to find solutions for students

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Autism Success Secrets

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Our understanding of autism keeps changing.

It’s important to recognize that.

You're in the right place if you are:
  • an educator wondering if you are doing enough for your students on the spectrum
  • a therapist who needs remedies to meet the needs of your students and their families   
  • someone who is in a position to guide others who are trying to sort through the autism maze 

Why should you read “Autism Success Secrets”?

If you are fairly new on your autism journey or if you have limited knowledge about ASD, “Autism Success Secrets” will expand your knowledge.

Many teachers, therapists and support staff are in positions to work with autistic students, however, they report they don’t feel adequately trained for managing autism. Parents also report they need more information to guide them. 

"Autism Success Secrets" will help you gain confidence.

If you are "an old pro" and have extensive training and experience with autism it’s good to validate what you already know. And it’s great to refresh and remember important things you may have forgotten.

But when you have more expertise, you have the opportunity, and often the obligation, to share your knowledge with those who are learning. It helps to know which topics have been important to others so you can save time by focusing on the essentials.

What they are saying. . .

“ . . . stresses fundamentals that are all too often ignored. . ."

"I just finished “Autism Success Secrets” and I loved it.

It is so accessible; this is going to be a 'go to' book for those who support autistics. This book stresses fundamentals that are all too often ignored. The emphasis on the role of the communication partner as well as how relationships are fundamental to change are imperative, yet rarely mentioned. Thank you for shining a light on these.

I know I will be recommending this book as much as I have your Visual Strategies books. Bravo!

-Glenis Benson, PhD

Columbo, a go-kart and a 2000 pound horse???

You will benefit:
  • by discovering the go-kart analogy . . . to improve your relationship with each student.
  • when learning an important lesson from a 2000 pound horse . . . so you’ll master behavior situations more effectively.
  • as you recognize one of the most confusing aspects about the spectrum of autism . . . which will provide a clearer path for individual success.
  • as you develop the “Columbo Strategy” . . . so you can use it to find solutions you need.
  • when you understand how to look at autism differently . . . so you will help students take advantage of their life opportunities with success.  

Plus, you’ll read testimonies and enjoy stories about individuals with ASD.

In fact, Kim just wrote me a note that says, “I busted out laughing at the visual on page 85.”

" . . . teaches the truly important secrets you need to know. . ."

"A fast and enjoyable read. . .Whether you’re just starting out with a child diagnosed with autism or you’ve been on the path for a while, this eBook teaches the truly important secrets you need to know about ASD."

-Dr. Debra Em Wilson, Founder S’cool Moves

-& parent of a neurodiverse young adult

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Linda Hodgdon interviewed by Ana Elisa Villalaz
This 1-hour Zoom recording is a lively conversation packed with Q & A about working with students with autism and helping develop communication skills with visual strategies. It’s packed with lots of interesting questions and details that will give you fresh insights about helping students with ASD.
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Mini-Poster Bundle
This set of 5  AUTISM TIP Mini-Posters
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Autism Tips

Special Report: 
Favorite Free or Inexpensive Resources for Creating Visual Strategies and Educational Materials

This is a new publication I have never shared before. These are my own personal favorite tools that I use every day.

This Special Report includes a list of some fabulous Free or inexpensive tools and resources that are available on the internet for creating visual strategies and producing educational materials.
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Favorite Resources for Visuals

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It's important to find answers so you can meet the needs of your autistic students.

Linda Hodgdon

P.S. My “Autism Success Secrets” eBook is not like any other book you've read about autism.
P.P.S. If this “Autism Success Secrets” eBook helps you and your students have MORE GOOD DAYS  in your classroom, it’s priceless!

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