Autism tech gifts? You need this

Ipads (or other brand devices) are still one of the top desired holiday gifts for students on the autism spectrum.  Just a touch of reality.  Once the package is opened, you’ll be searching for apps.  There are  way over a million apps to sort through to find good ones for that student. Where do you begin?

Here’s a “must have” to help you find some gems.  Top 60 Recommended Apps for Autism was developed from a survey of Speech-Language Pathologists, teachers and parents of individuals on the spectrum. Survey participants  listed their favorites for preschoolers through adults.  The book highlights the top 60. In addition, it includes a link to a list of several hundred more recommended apps to consider.

Top 60 Recommended Apps for Autism will save you a lot of time as you begin your app search.

Do you have a favorite app?  Please share.



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