Garage Sale. . . . Update

Our Annual GARAGE SALE!!!
All NEW products. Most for 1/2 price or less.

Excess inventory . . . just a few left so we posted them on eBay.

These were favorites from our “store” at our live conferences.

We need the space for new products coming in.


Visual Strategies Book Bundle
Visual Strategies for Improving Communication + Solving Behavior Problems in Autism
(Special SALE price)

BUNDLE Picture Schedules


Avery Name Badge Refills


Social Skills CDs


BUNDLE Autism Social Skills CDs


BUNDLE Photo Picture Collection CDs


Laminated Photo Picture Card Collection


Social Skills Training CD


BUNDLE Clear Picture Pockets


KID SIZES Visual Strategies Logo T-Shirt


Visual Strategies Logo T-Shirt Adult XL ONLY ONE LEFT     SOLD


Visual Strategies Logo T-Shirt Adult L


Visual Strategies Logo POLO Adult M  SOLD


Visual Strategies Logo POLO Adult S


NOTE: We cannot take Purchase Orders on eBay. If you must use PO, email us at We will handle it for you in the office, but we can’t guarantee the item will still be available due to limited quantities.

Sorry. . . . no international orders for the Garage Sale due to shipping costs

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