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Practical Communication Tools for Autism:
Using Visual Strategies for Lifelong Success

Linda Hodgdon, M.Ed., CCC-SLP & Marianne Bryant

New autism book. How one mother learned to use visual strategies to help her daughter with autism achieve life success. 


Here's what it's about
Marianne was a Mom participating at a conference where I was speaking about using Visual Strategies for Improving Communication. She had a lot of questions about how these visual tools could help her preschool daughter with autism and I had the answers.

Mom "got it." She caught the vision of how visual supports could help transform life with an autistic toddler who "liked to kick and scream at anyone who came in her path."

Practical Communication Tools for Autism tells the story of how Mom used pictures to transform her daughter Caity's meltdowns into managing life opportunities successfully.

This story is unique in two ways 
First, it takes place over a long period of time. Most teachers and therapists connect with their students for a year or two and then everyone moves on.

But parents have a rich history and a long-term perspective that are important when helping their child reach their potential.

The second part of this story is that Mom kept embracing those visual strategies like a life line through Caity's early years and on through high school (and eventually college).

The visual tools changed to become age appropriate as Caity grew older, but Mom and daughter continued to keep them close like "old friends."

Marianne and I have stayed connected through the years. I marvel at her wisdom as she realizes the sometimes hidden concepts that Caity needs to understand. Then she goes to her trusty visual tools to help Caity fill in what I call the "Swiss Cheese holes of life" that many on the autism spectrum seem to have.

Much of this work was done in the days before we had all the high tech supports that are available today for those creating visual strategies. That was not important.

You'll see samples of Marianne's visual tools. They aren't particularly fancy, but that doesn't matter. They worked.

Join me as I talk with Marianne about this incredible journey and Caity’s ultimate success.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to have a Kindle device to get this book. Simply download the FREE Kindle App on your device (phone, tablet, computer). Then you will be able to access your book.


Please be sure to share this information with your co-workers and the parents of your students. They'll find it very practical and meaningful.

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