How Do You Define Behavior Problems for Children with Autism?

Tuesday Tip – How Do You Define Behavior Problems for Children with Autism?

Here are some descriptions that people would classify as behavior problems:

1.  When a student’s behavior is causing injury or harm to himself or others

2.  When a student’s behavior prevents him from participating effectively in his life routines

3.  When an individual uses behavior as an inappropriate or ineffective means of communicating

4.  When he is engaging in behaviors or activities that are different from what is expected from him because of age, ability level, location, event, or activity

5.  When she is not following or complying with the rules, routines, or expectations of specific occasions or environments

6.  When the student is not performing skills or engaging in actions or interactions effectively

7.  When the individual is not performing his life routines at the level of independence expected for his age and ability level

8.  When a student does anything that calls attention to himself, making him significantly different from his peers

Accurately describing a behavior problem is the first step toward solving it.



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  1. hello,I’m sonya from Indonesia,
    can you tell me the reference of your article?
    I need the source for my study examination
    thank you 🙂

  2. Yes They are also humans …if we look at ourselves ..we most often do the same …if we are let free…I want to try Pet Therapy and see ..the replica of good behaviors /Bad behaviors …need to have dogs that listen to commands and simple commands ..and see the feels …….Good and Bad ?

  3. One must always consider functional capabilities …before tasks ..So Also emotional abilities in many forms …perceptions of failures to look at it or how to over come it …either verbally or by communicating by appropriate body language …

  4. Most important develop COMPLIANCE as a teacher …your actions means the world …its not those goodies ….for the long term goals … weening away from goodies. Also should be in focus..I have seen children always looking for it ..while learning ,they should generalize good behavior

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