I can help you get ready!!!

When you get back to your autism classroom, there will be a lot of changes. That means new staff, new classroom organization and students who have been out of school for a long time.

Getting ready ahead of time is important. There will be so many changes that you typically don't have. That means being prepared ahead will be really important.

Many educators are getting ready now for the beginning of a new school year, even if you don't know when it will start.

Whenever that "first day" is, there's a lot to do. One of the most important things is dealing with the NEW.

New staff, new students, new parents. . . .

You probably have some of each.

(And in fact, you can have this situation at any time during the school year.)

And when you're dealing with the Autism Spectrum, you have to make sure everyone knows what to expect. Both the adults (teachers, aides, parents) and students benefit when you give them information.

It's always an important time of year for training.

And using VISUAL STRATEGIES can be a huge part of getting off to a great start for a new school year.


I put together a bundle of my most popular training materials to help you help everyone have a great beginning in your autism classroom without a lot issues. It will be important to train staff quickly and these materials will be great time savers for you.


Here’s what one Speech Therapist said about her efforts to train her staff.

I love your Visual Strategies Workshop DVD Program. We have a library to lend teachers, paraprofessionals and parents educational resources. Your series is the most popular item on our list. The way you blend the "real educational" stuff with your experiences make it so much easier to see the way it is with real people. I guess I mean you humanize the literature! We recently included your videos in our paraprofessional training. They loved you! Thank you for doing such a great job in educating us. You help to validate what I already know and remind me of other things I have forgotten and need to reintroduce into my therapy. Linda Watt, M.A., CCC-SLP

This should help you. . .

I’m so committed to get these materials into every school to help our students on the Autism Spectrum. I was able to create a special discount when I got everything bundled up!

Order quickly so your team can benefit.

The bundle is packed: Video programs, books, poster


Warm regards,


P.S. Even if this is not the beginning of your school year, you can benefit from the VISUAL STRATEGIES BIGGIE BUNDLE. You can get "refreshed" any time of the year.

Don’t worry if you already have one or more of the items in the bundle. Multiple copies help you educate more people more quickly. It’s ALL good and it’s packaged together at a huge discount.

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