Need Really Good Tools for Autism Behaviors?

Need some really good tools to deal with the challenges of autism?

Why behavior problems in autism?

Here’s a short list of possibilities.

Because people assume the students with autism understand the same way everyone else does.

They presume students on the autism spectrum are understanding the ongoing conversations and routines just like other students.

Parents and teachers expect students on the autism spectrum to remember information that was given previously.

What can be worse is when people don’t see the relationship between the autistic student’s behavior and the fact that there is something the student does not understand or does not remember.

Behavior problems emerge because what the student with communication challenges is expecting and what is really happening are not the same.

Think about it

Students with autism generally don’t intend to be bad, but from their point of view much of life is a big surprise.

They frequently don’t have adequate communication skills to get the information they need to help them understand.

They respond to situations using what understanding they do have or what they remember from past events.

When that doesn’t work, they use whatever means they have to try to gain some control.

That can be why students with ASD seem to cling to predictable routines and resist change.

Here’s one solution

Giving them information about what is happening is a critical need for children with autism to successfully manage the ebb and flow of life.

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Discovering the causes of behavior situations is a critically important step to lead you to tools to manage challenging or frustrating issues. You may be surprised at how simple some of the solutions can be.

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Solving Behavior Problems in Autism is a “must have” for your autism library.

Here’s what Denise wrote:

Linda, thank you very much for your very interesting information about communication. Your experiences about autism and children are really brilliant!!!
Thank You, Denise

Learn to use visual tools to manage autism behaviors with success.

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