Visual Strategies for Improving Communication


Readers of Visual Strategies for Improving Communication will gain a better understanding of how to use visuals to help support children with autism or related communication needs.

By unlocking the power of communication through visuals, this book will provide readers with the tools to create a more successful and meaningful life for their children or their students.

Not only will readers be able to start using visual strategies right away, but this book will also open their minds to new possibilities and show them how to make positive changes in the lives of these students.

This powerful book includes:

  • Techniques to quickly and easily create visuals
  • Ways to use visuals to support communication, language, learning, and behavior
  • Tips to create individualized visuals and modify them as needed
  • A step-by-step guide to creating visuals for specific activities
  • Ideas for effective use of visuals in different settings
  • Strategies for using visuals with different ages and abilities
  • Ideas and resources for using visuals in the classroom

This book also includes a wealth of information about the use of visuals, including instructions on how to create visuals, tips for using them effectively, and ideas for using visuals with different ages and abilities.

Who is this book for?
Visual Strategies are important tools for Teachers, Speech-Language Pathologists, parents and others who teach or live with autistic students or those with related communication challenges. The strategies in this book have application for a variety of ages and special learning needs.