What are Visual Strategies?


Pack of 25 books

A “Little Book” (12 pages) with just enough information to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about using visual strategies for students with autism or related special learning needs.

Twelve pages are packed with introductory information, pictured examples and answers to questions such as:

  • What are visual strategies?
  • Are visual strategies only useful for students with autism?
  • What are reasons to use visual tools?
  • How do you use visual tools?
  • Do you use visual strategies for students who talk?
  • Are visual strategies just for young children?

This little book is perfect for passing out to people who will benefit from an introduction to visual strategies.

  • Give it to parents of newly diagnosed children
  • Give it to parents and teachers who need an introduction to visual strategies
  • Give it to all the members of the Autism Society or the CEC or the PTA
  • Give it to every teacher on the staff to help them remember to use visual tools
  • Pass them out at conferences or workshops
  • Sell them for a fundraiser

What Are Visual Strategies? is a perfect introduction to the concept of using visual strategies for educators, parents and caregivers of students who experience communication challenges, including autism.