Tackling Troubling Situations with Visual Strategies – (Webinar)


NOTE: We are able to provide a Continuing
Education Certificate of Completion for the
online version of this course.

Length: 2 hours

Sometimes the “little things” can cause the biggest problems for students with Autism, Asperger’s and related learning needs.  Many difficulties involve common life situations related to issues like time management, changing environments and participating in transitions.

Current research demonstrates that most of these students display a relative strength in understanding visual information compared to their auditory abilities.  Using visual supports capitalizes on that strength.

Visual strategies provide support to help students successfully manage situations that are difficult for them.  The principle of visually supported communication is simple, yet the impact on student success is profound.

  • Introduction to Visual Strategies
  • Observations About the Population
  • Communication Skills in the Targeted Population
  • Assessing Receptive Communication Skills
  • 10 Classroom Essentials for Autism Success
  • Samples and Examples of Visual Strategies
  • Exploring low tech to high tech options
  • Creating Visual Tools
  • Potpourri of Questions and Issues

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify significant factors in student learning and functioning style that affect communication.
  • Recognize situations where communication breakdowns can affect the student’s understanding, behavior and participation in learning and social opportunities.
  • Develop visual tools to support communication, behavior & social skills

This program will explore simple solutions to solve sometimes major communication and behavior problems. Visual strategies are used effectively with students of all ages in both special and regular education settings.