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It’s normal to have autism questions.
When you’re connected with autistic students, you’re on a journey that can feel scattered with unexpected disruptions and detours.

Is Google your friend?
Well . . . when you become a friend of Google to search for autism solutions you can uncover a lot of what I call “Swiss Cheese” information out there. . . bits and pieces . . . filled with a lot of holes, and not enough details to help you know exactly what to do.

Swiss Cheese

This is the situation.
We’re focusing on meeting the needs of children (of all ages), who are trying to exist in a world that doesn’t understand them very well, guided by educators and families who are desperately trying to find solutions for problems that are not easily defined.

Good news. . . there are answers! 
As I consult with families and teachers, there are some core topics that emerge. 

Those core autism topics emerge over and over.
Once educators and families really grasp this core knowledge, a lot of mysteries about autism begin to make more sense to them and the path to support those (of all ages) with ASD becomes more clear.

Here's what they are saying about "Autism Success Secrets" . . .

“ . . . stresses fundamentals that are all too often ignored. . ."

"I just finished “Autism Success Secrets” and I loved it. It is so accessible; this is going to be a 'go to' book for those who support autistics. This book stresses fundamentals that are all too often ignored. The emphasis on the role of the communication partner as well as how relationships are fundamental to change are imperative, yet rarely mentioned. Thank you for shining a light on these. I know I will be recommending this book as much as I have your Visual Strategies books. Bravo!

-Glenis Benson, PhD

" . . . teaches the truly important secrets you need to know. . ."

"A fast and enjoyable read. . . Whether you’re just starting out with a child diagnosed with autism or you’ve been on the path for a while, this eBook teaches the truly important secrets you need to know to understand ASD."

-Dr. Debra Em Wilson, Founder S’cool Moves
-& parent of a neurodiverse young adult

Why should you read “Autism Success Secrets”?

Many teachers, therapists and support staff are in positions to work with autistic students, however, they report they don’t feel adequately trained for managing autism.
“Autism Success Secrets” will expand your knowledge.

Plus... if you get this eBook right now, I'll include 
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This set of 5  AUTISM TIP Mini-Posters are invaluable to help everyone remember how to be an effective Communication Partner. Great to post in environments where teachers, school staff and others who interact with students can be reminded of the communication needs of those students. Visual strategies are helpful for everyone, not just for autistic students.   ($25 Value) (Delivered digitally)

Autism posters


Special Report: 
Favorite Free or Inexpensive Resources for Creating Visual Strategies and Educational Materials

This is a new publication I have never shared before. These are my own personal favorite tools that I use every day.

This Special Report includes a list of some fabulous Free or inexpensive tools and resources that are available on the internet for creating visual strategies and producing educational materials.
 ($25 Value) (Delivered digitally)

Special Report - Favorite Free or Inexpensive Resources for Creating Visual Strategies

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