Autism Poster – Bundle of 10


Bundle of 10 posters.

This charming autism poster is the perfect wall decoration to remind everyone about the value and importance of using visual strategies for students who need communication support.

The message is simple: When I SEE . . . I Understand

This delightful poster will entertain and educate those who communicate with your students. Perfect for classroom, office or clinic waiting room.

Bundle of 10 paper posters. All posters are the same. They are 11” X 17” in full color. This is a physical product and will be shipped to you. Posters are NOT framed. (Sorry . . . no international orders for physical product posters)

When I See, I Understand

When I hear, I forget
In one ear and out the next
But it makes more sense to me
When there’s something I can see
With my eyes, show me now
You’ll be helping me learn how
To make a choice or shake a hand
When I see, I understand
Whether I’m young, or if I’m old
It helps to see what I am told
A written word, a picture card
Can simplify what might be hard
A visual aid describes it best,
And gives the voice and ears a rest
From making friends to handling fear,
Showing me how makes it more clear
There’s not much left to explain
When a picture shows my brain
Who or where or what you mean
On a clear computer screen
To recall what you heard
A picture paints a thousand words
So much to learn, I think I can
When I see, I understand!
My ears need a little hand
When I see, I understand!