Visual Strategies for Improving Communication (3rd Edition)


Discover comprehensive strategies and techniques in this revised and updated edition of the bestseller Visual Strategies for Improving Communication and unlock the power of visual aids and supports to help neurodiverse students (autism, ADHD and related learning needs) succeed in communication, social opportunities and life routines.

Reading this book, you'll learn simple solutions for autism communication and self-management challenges that will transform your student's lives.

Benefits of this book include:

  • Understand WHY to use visuals and HOW you can use them to help your students gain daily success.
  • Discover simple solutions for autism communication and self-management challenges so you can avoid behavior situations.
  • Learn to give directions so students will respond to your requests the first time you ask.
    Implement strategies to help students transition from one activity to another without confusion.

Plus, learn many more ways visuals will become autism classroom resources for teachers that make it easier for you to create success in your classroom.

Discover Autism Classroom Resources

Autism visual aids have many names such as:

  • Autism visual schedules (visual timetables), autism visual aids, autism communication cards and Social Stories
  • Picture communication cards, calendars, choice boards, PECS and picture cards

They are all visual strategies and they work really well for autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Communication Disorders, Learning Disabilities and other students who experience communication, executive functioning or learning challenges.

This book about autism and related learning needs is a "must have" autism resource if you are:

  • Autism Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Speech Therapist
  • Counselor or Behavior Specialist
  • Autism Parent or Homeschooling Parent
  • A college student planning to work with children with special learning needs
  • Anyone who works with children who experience communication or behavior difficulties

Don't miss out on the opportunity to maximize the success of your students. Get it NOW!