Student artist prepares learning materials

Here's a story about how a student artist (who just happens to have an Autism diagnosis) uses his art talent.

I love how we can create written conversations or develop picture stories to help students with autism understand the confusion that Covid 19 has caused.

John Januskis is a 19 year old student artist with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum who loves to draw. In his Community Based Vocational Program (CBV) he has started illustrating social stories to help other students. John created this book as a tool to help explain the Coronavirus. 

John's book does a really nice job of addressing some of the key questions that students have about all the changes that have occurred because of the pandemic and the need to stay home. He gave me permission to share his art.  Iā€™m hoping it will give others some ideas about how to encourage their students to use their talents. They can learn a lot by creating.

Check this out

Coronavirus Book
cartoon-sick child
cartoon coronavirus question
cartoon boy listening to TV
cartoon calendars
cartoon washing hands
cartoon questions

Thanks to John for sharing this book. The art is charming.  The book is a perfect tool to stimulate some conversation to help students understand.

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      1. Linda, I was John’s speech/language therapist and took your workshop twice…. You made me better! Thanks many years later!!!

  1. So happy and proud to see his amazing artwork. Thank you for all you do. We are so proud of him!

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