7 Essentials for Autism & Happy Holidays

7 Essentials for Autism & Happy Holidays

7 Essentials for Autism & Happy Holidays

Product Type : Webinar – Online

Details: 1 hour

Price : $37.00


Holidays and special celebrations should be fun.  But that isn’t everyone’s experience.  These events can frequently be the source of anxiety, meltdowns and tears for our students with ASD.

Sometimes our children on the autism spectrum encounter difficulty exactly at the time everyone else is enjoying the activity.  The stress level for parents and teachers goes way up trying to anticipate how to avoid “messy” problems because students don’t manage these situations well.

Here’s the good news.

Visual strategies offer some simple, yet very effective, options to manage these events.  Just a little planning ahead can offer great success for those special occasions and holiday seasons.

In this webinar you will:

  • Identify exactly what makes holidays and special days so challenging for students with ASD
  • Discover simple ways to use visual tools that can produce huge changes in the student’s ability to participate successfully in special occasion activities
  • Recognize one really easy “magical” tool that produces very effective learning for students with ASD
  • Use special occasions as opportunities to teach important communication and social skills