Autism Success Secrets for Parents

Autism Success Secrets for Parents

eBook (plus Free Bonuses)

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Details: 190 Pages

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If you are a parent who has ever felt confused or unsure
on your journey to help your autistic child gain success,
then this book is for you.

It’s normal to have autism questions.
Here's a place to discover answers.

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Student Operating Manual

This is a perfect document that you can use to share with teachers, therapists, babysitters and others who spend time with your child. It will help you communicate your child's personal needs (communication, sensory and other specifics) to help your child achieve success with different people or in various environments. ($10 Value) (Delivered digitally)


Picture Card Reactions Set

Picture Card Reactions Set with 6 picture cards that represent issues that families deal with. Use pictures to communicate a message to your child or teach your child to communicate the message to you. Instructions included.
($10 Value) (Delivered digitally)



Discussion Guide

I have prepared a "Discussion Guide" with some questions and suggestions if you decide to use this book in a parent training, discussion group or reading group to help understand your child and autism better.
(Value - Priceless!) (Delivered digitally)

Discussion Guide


Families who find themselves on an autism journey
generally have more questions than answers.
So, what do you do?

Everyone goes to Google!!!

Well . . . when you become a friend of Google to search for autism solutions you can uncover a lot of what I call “Swiss Cheese” information out there. . . bits and pieces. . . filled with a lot of holes, and not enough details to help you know exactly what to do.

typing on laptop computer

That's why I wrote the eBook!

That’s why I wrote the eBook Autism Success Secrets for Parents. It’s not an encyclopedia of everything about autism. Instead, it addresses some “CORE” topics that have surfaced over and over in the more than 40 years that I have been consulting with parents and educators of autistic children.

Autism Success Secrets for Parents

I have no idea how many thousands of
students, families and educators
I’ve helped achieve autism success
by helping them uncover secrets
related to those core topics.

Originally, I wrote the eBook Autism Success Secrets to address topics that tend to be “confusing” in the world of autism. Then, I began to get questions from parents about additional details not included in that eBook. I decided to write Autism Success Secrets for Parents . . . . a parent version to address these parent specific topics.

woman with questions

I made changes . . .

I made some changes and tweaks to the first book and added additional topics to the original text. Then I included a “Parents Pointers” section at the end of each chapter with some parent focused thoughts and suggestions.

Why should you read the eBook
“Autism Success Secrets for Parents”?

It's full of simple but critical "secrets" that will
enhance life opportunities
for your autistic child and your family . . .

If you are fairly new on your autism journey or if you have limited knowledge about ASD, “Autism Success Secrets for Parents” will expand your knowledge.

"Autism Success Secrets for Parents" will
help you gain confidence

If you are "an old pro" and have extensive experience with autism it’s good to validate what you already know. And it’s great to refresh and remember important things you may have forgotten.

(And don't forget . . . a lot has changed in the last few years about how we view autism and what neurodiversity means for your child.)

Parents will benefit . . . 

  • by discovering the go-kart analogy . . . to improve your relationship with your child
  • when learning an important lesson from a 2000 pound horse . . . so you’ll master behavior situations more effectively.
  • as you recognize one of the most confusing aspects about the spectrum of autism . . . which will provide a clearer path for your child’s success.
  • as you develop the “Columbo Strategy” . . . so you can use it to find solutions you need (parents are usually the BEST at this!)

This book will help you understand how to look at autism in a unique way
to match your child and your family . . . so you will help your autistic child
take advantage of his/her life opportunities with success.

I love how Linda shares stories from adults on
the spectrum and their perception of life. I highly recommend this book to every parent and
teacher in the autism community.

Ron Sandison, Autistic Adult 
Author - A Parent’s Guide to Autism

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Autism Success Secrets for Parents

Autism Success Secrets for Parents

eBook (plus Free Bonuses)

Product Type : Ebook - Delivered Electronically

Details: 190 Pages

Price : $27.00

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THINK OF IT LIKE THIS:  If this “Autism Success Secrets for Parents” eBook helps you and your family have MORE GOOD DAYS, it’s priceless!

Parents . . . I want you to have this eBook!

Linda Hodgdon