Engineering the Classroom with Visual Strategies

Engineering the Classroom with Visual Strategies

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Details: 30 minutes

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This DVD is a summary and explanation of procedures that were followed to set up a classroom with visual strategies. Linda Hodgdon describes the procedures that were followed during her consultation with a classroom staff.

Where do you begin? It’s a frequently asked question. Once we decide that using visual strategies makes sense for a group of students in a classroom, it can become instantly overwhelming. There are so many ways to use visual strategies, so. . . .where do you begin???

Here is what we did…

This DVD program is an informal explanation of the procedures that were followed to set up a new preschool classroom. Additional staff and new students were being added to the room. The teacher’s goal: Set up the whole classroom environment with visual supports.

These procedures are helpful to plan classroom strategies at the beginning of the year or they can be implemented any time during the school year.

The procedures followed in this DVD program are appropriate for any environment. The plan can work for any age student. It is a beginning point. . . a way to get started. Following these steps will help you ask the questions you need answered to help you establish a basic framework of visual tools for any classroom.

DVD program approximately 30 minutes

Includes Handouts: 8 page PowerPoint handout and 8 page Assessment Guide
(Handouts are downloadable online)