Visual Strategies Beginner Bundle

Visual Strategies Workshop

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Two popular products bundled together!!

The book, VISUAL STRATEGIES FOR IMPROVING COMMUNICATION, and the DVD program VISUAL STRATEGIES WORKSHOP will offer a perfect introduction to using visual strategies for students with autism and other students with related communication learning needs. These materials will help you get started if you are:

  •  an educator who is getting started using visual strategies
  • desiring quality staff training to help everyone understand and use visual supports
  • a parent who wants to improve the communication in your child's life

This set is a perfect addition to your library of training materials.

Students with autism and many other students who have communication challenges benefit greatly from using visual strategies to help them understand communication better, focus their attention, organize their thinking and many other skills to help them gain success in their communication world.

Visual strategies provide practical support to help students with autism or related communication challenges gain communication success. It does not matter if students have verbal language. Visual supports help them understand better and manage their communication attempts with greater success.

This book is packed with examples of visual supports to enhance communication interactions for students with autism. Visual strategies can help students at school, at home and out in the community.

This is a "how-to" book, designed to assist teachers, Speech-Language Pathologists, parents and other communication partners in creating solutions to student communication and self-management challenges.

Visual Strategies for Improving Communication is full of sample visual tools that capitalize on the visual strengths and learning style of these students. 

Visual strategies are easy to use but they can make a significant difference in how students are able to manage their life routines.

The book, Visual Strategies for Improving Communication, is considered an essential in the autism community. It's a "classic" and a "must have" for your autism library.

This Revised & Updated edition of this bestseller is the most comprehensive book to explain the use of visual strategies to improve communication for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and others who experience moderate to severe communication challenges.

It's full of easy to use techniques and strategies that will help these students participate more effectively in social interactions and life routines.

This update includes additions in major areas that have evolved since the original version was published.

First, we have even more research that confirms the specific learning challenges common to students with ASD and how visual supports provide benefit for those students.

Second, we continue to discover even more ways to use visual tools and supports to help students become successful. This volume will help the reader discover even more possibilities for implementing visual strategies.

In this edition you’ll find some updated resources including technology, video and picture options. 

Who are these materials for?

Teachers, Speech-Language Pathologists, parents and other people who work and live with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders or related communication challenges. The strategies in this book have application for students with a variety of disability labels and special needs.

Which students benefit from using visuals supports?



Behavior Disorders

Learning Disabilities

Hearing Impairment

Lanaguage Disorders


Down Syndrome

Mental Impairment

Plus many others with learning or communication challenges.

Even general education students can benefit from visual strategies.


“. . an excellent resource. . .it has been exactly what we needed . . . the specific examples assisted us to develop some very creative systems that have been highly effective for many of our students. The information and specifics can be used by a beginner or a more experienced service provider. . . .This is a resource that should be on every Speech-Language Pathologist’s shelf.” 
ASHA  Leader

“. . .Students with autism or similar problems . . . .may learn differently from other people, and a much overlooked means of communicating to these students is through a highly visual system. . .Visual Strategies for Improving Communication takes over where other education books leave off, by explaining in detail the importance of visual communication for people with learning, sensory, and processing difficulties. . . .This is a book that was needed yesterday, and is a must have for anyone who works with people who have learning and developmental disabilities. . . . .”

“Visual Strategies for Improving Communication is an essential resource. It is unique in its clarity, practicality and creativity. As a researcher and clinician who has focused on understanding the unique learning and communication styles of students with autism, I enthusiastically recommend this book to professionals and parents at every opportunity. Through this volume, Linda Hodgdon has made a significant difference for children and their families.”
Barry M. Prizant, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Author: Uniquely Human

“Firmly grounded in theory and research, Hodgdon’s book is unique in the sheer volume of intervention strategies, examples and illustrations it contains. It is well organized, easy to follow, and reader friendly. . . This book is a ‘must have’. . .”
Kathleen S. Pistono, Ph.D., Speech & Language Consultant

Visual Strategies Workshop

Visual Strategies Beginner Bundle

Product Type : Book plus DVD program

Details: 232 pages, Revised Edition

Price : $127