Best ideas – gifts for autistic children

Shopping for gifts for autistic children? It can be a little different than shopping for other kids. It’s important to consider their unique interests and needs.

Remember gifts for autistic children may be different from their peers. That's not bad. It's just that their interests may be older or younger or just plain different from others their age.

Considering that, here are some fun ways to meet sensory needs. Most items on this list of gifts for autistic children are appropriate for a range of ages.

sensory sock

Sensory Sock

Fun and Function -  Sensory Sock - Sensory Compression Sock - Body Sock for Kids with Autism, Special Needs, Anxiety, Sensory Processing Disorder...

Temple Grandin invented her famous “squeeze machine.” This Sensory Sack accomplishes the same type of function. It provides deep pressure & resistance. Useful for calming or relaxing.

Sensory Sock

liquid motion bubblers

Sensory play, fidget toy, relaxation. Great toy to help with boredom. Perfect toy for those kids who are highly visual.

Liquid Motion Bubblers

night light sound machine

Night Light and Sound Machine

Sleeping Soothing White Noise Sound Machine . Perfect for baby, kids, adults. Multiple sounds and lighting modes. Aids sleep, relaxation. It has a remote for ease of operation.

An adult woman with autism told me how she likes to decorate her apartment with special lights like this.

Night Light and Sound Machine

pencil with fidgets

Pencil Set with Fidgets

Fun and colorful. Fidgets on the top of pencils. Inexpensive gift to provide for a whole class. The fidget part will be very desirable for student fingers.

Fidget pencils

retro light up toy

Retro Light Up Kid Toys

The fascinating lighting effects and movement create a soothing effect that can help curb hyperactivity. These retro-inspired spinning toys encourage enhanced motor skills and valuable hand exercise during play time. They say, "Makes for a great toy during those afternoons and evenings when you crave some peace and quiet."

Get your stocking stuffers here

mini trampoline

Mini trampoline with handle

I talked with a Mom this week, whose child jumps on the couch. She needs one of these. It's much more appropriate, long term. This one is foldable which is good for storage. The handle can help for safety. Many kids need a lot more exercise and physical activity that they get.

Mini Trampoline

sit & spin

Sit & Spin

There's a reason this one is a classic. I purchased one 18 years ago and it's been through five grandchildren. The teenagers still manage to scrunch their bodies enough to ride on it. Perfect for children that love movement.

Ssit & Spin - Here it is



Popular game.  Child can play alone or with several people. It's a perfect game to encourage social engagement. Crosses many age and skill levels.

Giant Jenga is the same game but the blocks are very large. Stands 5 feet tall when assembled. You play the giant game the same way but it's really different because of the size of the blocks.

Get Jenga here



UNIQUE NEW ACTIVE GAME Challenging and fun juggling, ball toss-and-catch play based on a simple loop principle. But not too easy! Once you master the basics, you'll find endless throwing and catching tricks for cool interactive and educational play. Ages 9 and up- even adults. But of course age range depends on the child. Great tool to build coordination, memory, eye-hand coordination and much more.

Get Pindaloo here

Book of Space

The Ultimate Book of Space

Great example of a book that can become a favorite. Lots of pictures with flaps, pop-ups and pull-tabs to interact with. Children with autism can become very interested in, or even obsessed with, selected specific topics. Exposing them to new topics will encourage their unique style of learning.

Check the book out

Circuit Maze

Circuit Maze

This actually represents a whole collection of science learning kits that develop logical reasoning and planning skills as students play and gain an understanding of how circuits and electrical currents work. These kits provide the opportunity for the visual, hands-on learning that our students thrive in.

Don't miss this Ciruit Maze

Ball Pit

Ball Pit

Ball pits are a kid favorite. Great for play, relaxation, calming, and keeping kids occupied for a long time. This one is great because it's easily collapsible for quick storage. Purchase balls separately.  Be sure to compare the size of your child to the size of the ball pit. The pit can also be used for a type of tent or playhouse.

Get the Ball Pit here

Indoor Tent

Indoor Tent

This is another kid favorite. Great for play, but also can become an important tool for a quiet space or a calming spot for children who need that. This is a popular one, but these tents come in different styles and sizes. 

Here's an idea that could help some children.  Have a play space like the ball pool for play but use another piece of equipment like a tent for a different activity like calming. Some children will benefit if you use that equipment for only a very specific activity.

Get this tent choice

Finding the perfect gift

Many of these gifts for autistic children are linked to children's sensory needs. 

Children with autism, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or related special learning needs often benefit from using special tools or toys to help them manage their energy. Many items on this list can help accomplish that. 

Even children who do not have special sensory needs will enjoy the items on this list of gifts for autistic children.

Get more ideas for best toys for autism.

Shopping for gifts for autistic children? Please tell us below what shopping finds you have discovered.

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