Quick Tip for Autism: Visuals for Virtual Learning

This video is about students with autism and virtual learning with visual strategies.

Updated 11-2023
I created this video when schools were rapidly closing due to COVID. Many schools changed format from in-person teaching to online lessons. The change happened so quickly that no one had time to prepare for the change and many teachers struggled to transfer their teaching to the online format.

Currently, most students have returned to in-person learning. But some of the best parts of using technology for teaching have been retained and expanded to enhance student learning. 

Keep in mind the value of the visual supports and the need for the visuals to be adjusted as needed for the virtual environment.

Transitioning to virtual teaching

Unfortunately, many teachers and families had a challenging beginning to virtual classrooms and overall life when the Covid 19 emergency began. But with another school year beginning, everyone has an opportunity to try again.

By now we have established how important visual strategies are to help students gain success in their school day when they are in in-person school. Many parents share how visuals help their children gain balance at home, too.

So we need to use what we know

Re-set . . . start over again . . . create something new . . .

But don't forget the schedule!

Schedules are important visuals for autism and virtual learning!

P.S. I just viewed this video on my cell phone. You might do that, too. Then you'll understand the challenge of the size of the screen related to the size of the visuals.

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