Solving Behavior Problems in Autism

It's common to associate autism and behavior problems. And it's common to "react" to those behavior situations by doing whatever you need to do to try to make them stop.

But there's a better way!

What is a behavior problem? What causes behavior problems?

When we do a little detective work we discover that communication is either a big part of the problem or it's a really important part of discovering the solution. Probably both.

It's critically important to recognize that behavior difficulties are frequently directly related to communication breakdowns. Discovering the causes of behaviors reveals that students frequently have difficulty understanding. Or they have problems expressing themselves.

There are some other critically important things to understand about students with autism or related special learning needs that will help us understand their behavior.

It's not a mystery

Once you understand the causes of the behavior issues you are dealing with then you can put in place some tools and strategies to solve problems.

It's not hard

You just need to know what to do.

Solving Behavior Problems in Autism provides practical help for every educator and parent who faces those behavior and self-management challenges of students on the autism spectrum and others with related learning needs.

This book will help you learn simple ways to manage the situations that you can be dealing with on a daily basis.

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