12 Classroom Essentials for Autism & Asperger Success

An autism classroom will become a place where autistic students can learn to participate in their learning opportunities successfully with the rest of the students.

These 12 Essentials address the basic communication and sensory needs of those with ASD. The result is successful management of many common behavior and sensory issues that can occur in the typical classroom.

This ebook is a "quick read" that offers simple soluitions for:

  • New teachers
  • Those with some experience with autism 
  • Regular education classroom teachers with autistic students integrated into their classrooms
  • Those who provide consultation to teachers with autistic students
  • Any 1-1, Para Professionals or any support staff
  • Any autism teachers who work with parents who need further understanding about their child's learning needs
  • Consultants and therapists who support these students

This ebook shares information presented in Linda's live visual strategies programs for school district in-service training.

The program highlights some foundational information about autism communication strengths and challenges. 

It highlights many simple, concrete strategies and tools to help students on the autism spectrum (and lots of other students, too!) achieve success in the classroom.

The autism classroom essentials are easy to incorporate. But the essentials will help autistic students gain independence in their learning environments.

Get the details

These essentials are perfect for all classrooms with children who have special learning needs.


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